(2) AKG C414 B TL-ll
(2) AKG C480 B

AKG D112
(2) Audio-Technica ATM 63
Audio-Technica ATM 61HE
(2) Audio-Technica ATM 31a
(2) Audio-Technica ATM 33a
Audix D1
(3) Audix D2
Audix D4
Beyerdynamic M 80 TG

(3) Beyerdynamic M 420 TG

Beyerdynamic M 422 TG

Beyerdynamic M 424 TG

Beyerdynamic M 201 TG

Beyerdynamic TGX 5
EV RE 55

(2) EV RE 10
(4) Oktava MC-012
(7) Shure SM 57
(12) Shure SM 58
Shure SM 53
(2) Shure Beta 87C

(2) Shure SM81
Shure 5655D
Sony ECM 88

Professional Audio Services


DiGiCo S21

Midas Verona 48x8






Line Array: D.A.S. Audio Event 208A/218A

Point Source: EAW FR253e

Turbosound TSP112-AN

Turbosound TSP-118B


P.A.S. SW 1.2

P.A.S. SW 1

Utilizing technology from D.A.S. Audio, DiGiCo, DBX, EAW, Turbosound and Shure, our audio systems can handle event sizes from 50 people to 2,000 people, while being efficient and cost effective to deploy.

Perhaps more important than our expansive equipment selection is that our gear is setup and operated by some of the best sound engineers and technicians in the area. We take pride in our work to ensure the job gets done right and efficiently.

DBX PA2 Speaker Management

(2) DBX 1231 graphic EQ
(4) AB International 131LT graphic EQ
Rane Mojo MQ302S graphic EQ
(2) Art HD-31 graphic EQ
(3) DBX 266XL compressor
Focusrite Compounder compressor
(3) Behringer MDX 2200 compressor
DBX 263X de-esser
Yamaha SPX2000 multi-effects processor

Yamaha SPX990 multi-effects processor
TC Electronics M1 multi-effects processor
TC Electronics D2 multi-effects processor
Lexicon MPX 1 multi-effects processor
Lexicon LXP 1 multi-effects processor
(2) DBX 223XL crossover